Riders of Icarus challenges you to round up its reindeer


Are we… are we done with winter holidays in MMOs yet? Can we talk about something else now? No? Oh. Very well. What’s next? Riders of Icarus? That should be a bastion of normalcy. Nothing weird there.

Nothing, of course, other than sending the game population out to try to tame a “sainted reindeer mount” and then ride it like a common pony for the rest of its existence. The good news is that if you truly suck at taming, after 10 fails the MMO will take pity on you and give you the mount anyway.

Players can also get a hefty combat buff during the holiday, but triggering this might prove difficult for 80% of players according to my observation of chat windows: “Simply say ‘happy holidays’ in the chat window and you’ll receive the Ellandfel Holiday Blessing. Please make sure you spell it correctly and note that the phase is case sensitive.”

Finally, there’s a heroic pet giveaway on January 1st where any player who logs in will get a cloudhorn ram. It’s just the sort of thing to start your new year off with a hearty dose of what the heck.


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