SWTOR celebrates Life Day, heralds 10th birthday, and teases post 7.0 updates

Have you gone caroling with your favorite Wookiee yet? You better, lest your arms get ripped off for not displaying the right holiday spirit! Life...

Star Trek Online’s winter wonderland is an easy way to earn a free T6 starship (and amazing sweaters)

Q's Winter Wonderland has returned to Star Trek Online -- along with a pretty easy way to earn yourself a free top-tier starship. By participating...

New World bans botters, begins testing winter event, plans unpopular endgame gear system

Christmas -- or some variation thereof -- is coming to New World as the game's first holiday. Yesterday, Amazon announced that it was putting...

The Daily Grind: Does this holiday season affect your MMO time?

Normally, the holidays are a time with stuff happening. There's traveling to be done usually as you see members of your family, there's stuff...

Grim and glad tidings spread across Blade and Soul

Do you like your holiday season dour or delightful? If you venture into Blade and Soul this week, you can have both! This week's Grim...

Winter holiday events around the MMO universe, 2020 edition

Ho ho ho, it's Santa's younger brother Derrick here to do all of the jobs that Nick can't be bothered with this holiday season!...

World of Warcraft welcomes back Winter Veil, raises Canadian subscription rates

Ho ho holy moly, are we at the end of 2020 already? It must be, because World of Warcraft's Feast of Winter Veil is...

Lord of the Rings Online starts Yuletide, improves PvP, and unlocks progression Gondor

The term "kitchen sink" gets tossed around by a lot of people who have very little experience with installing sinks, such as yours truly....

DC Universe Online asks you to rescue Christmas, one gift at a time

Daybreak Game Company's number one MMO (we can say that now, we have hard data) doesn't quite do the holidays like everyone else. Here,...

RIFT’s Fae Yule has a few surprises in store for Telara’s faithful, including a new world event

What better present could starved and hungry RIFT players ask for -- and receive -- than some brand-new content for their neglected MMO? Thanks...

Lord of the Rings Online celebrates Bilbo’s Birthday, hedges on mini-expansion specifics

Tomorrow is September 22nd, which is a significant date for Lord of the Rings Online players. It's the date of both Bilbo and Frodo...
Guilty or innocent?

The Daily Grind: Do your MMOs go on break for the holidays?

Congratulations to you because it's December 26th! You survived the main crush of the holiday, feel good about yourself. And assuming that you belong...

Cyberpunk MMO Neocron breaks out a big update (and Christmas!) for late 2019

Ever since 2012, Neocron quietly has become a poster child for a successful community-run MMORPG. That was the year that the insolvent Reakktor handed...

Astellia Online welcomes players to Snow Valley, begins free trial weekends

It's been a cold December for Astellia Online so far, mainly due to the news that its Korean version is slated to shut down...

The Stream Team: It’s Frostval vs Mogloween in AQ3D’s Friday the 13th event

If you had to choose between Frostval or Mogloween, which would it be? Massively OP's MJ is actually faced with that choice in a...

Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansions launches while Overwatch gets Christmasy

With a name like Blizzard, you gotta know that this studio loves its winter season. It's a busy week for the company, starting with...

Dark Age of Camelot celebrates summer, adds item search tool

It's not a cruel summer for Dark Age of Camelot -- but it is a competitive one. Those looking for a relaxing holiday experience...
I don't even know.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite way to show off in an MMO?

It's a holiday here in the United States, and more specifically it's a holiday we usually celebrate by blowing things up in colorful displays...

LOTRO loses its lead designer, starts Yuletide with two new instances

Santa's bringing both coal and presents to Lord of the Rings Online players this Christmas. First, the coal. Long-time Lead Designer Ben "Dr Octothorpe" Schneider...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO decorates the best for the holidays?

Like some of you, I am really into decorating for the holidays. Not Clark Griswold-drain-the-Chicago-power-grid crazy, but I love transforming my environment into something...