Champions Online and Neverwinter kick off winter holiday celebrations


Cryptic’s MMOs are getting into the holiday spirit this month. Neverwinter celebrated the return of its Winter Festival of Simril, allowing players to venture once more into the village of Twilight Tor. Here, the warmly bundled can go on sled races, kick back with ice fishing, and beat up somce ice monsters for mystery bundles, pets, and cosmetic outfits.

However, there is one significant change to this year’s festival: “With the introduction of the new profession in 2018, Simril Lightcrafting has been removed as a profession. Players can locate Yimril Starheart, a contact in the fishing area of Twilight Tor, that will perform the old lightcrafting tasks for the same (or less) material cost.”

Meanwhile over in Champions Online, crimefighters can hunt for winter charms and earn new sets of rewards every week through the end of the event season. On top of this, there’s a 20% off sale on freeform slots through the 15th.

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