Lord of the Rings Online’s Yuletide Festival is live


Yesterday was Halloween, today is Christmas. That’s how it feels like, at least, and Lord of the Rings Online is doing nothing to dissuade us of a rapidly passing holiday season. This week, the Yuletide Festival returned to the game with its wide array of quests, seasonal instances, snowball fights, theater performances, and the wintry town of Winter-home.

While there are no new activities for 2023, Standing Stone Games did stock the barter vendor with plenty of additional cosmetics and housing decor. These include the new Icy Expeditions outfit and mount, a donkey and auroch pet, and a very prepared corgi.

Fansite Fibrojedi has a comprehensive guide to all of the ins and outs of the Yuletide Festival, including a look at this year’s latest rewards.

The festival will run through January 2nd, 2024.

Source: LOTRO
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