Path of Exile Affliction contends with bugs, crashes, and over 160K concurrent Steam players


Last night, Path of Exile opened the doors to the Affliction league, and with about 24 hours now under the OARPG’s belt, it’s time for the customary look at how things went for the game’s newest content launch.

As with any major update release, the game had to wrestle some bugs, especially a particularly nasty one that was causing players to crash in town, though luckily that was addressed in just over an hour. Grinding Gear Games has once again put together a live updates thread that details other patches and hotfixes that attack crashes, crush additional bugs, and temporarily disable a Labyrinth crafting option that sacrifices a gem.

Meanwhile, the game’s numbers on Steam have been mighty impressive, with 167,593 Steam PC players arriving to POE in the last recorded 24-hour peak. For context, that’s just about 40K below its all-time peak of over 209K players.

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