Palia brings the holiday cheer with its the next leg of its winter update


On the cusp of its Nintendo Switch release, Palia is packing in the holiday cheer. The life sim MMO released its winter update this year with plenty of seasonal fun thanks to the introduction of the Winterlights celebration.

In this patch, players can partake in snowball fights and earn up to 10 different pieces of Christmas decor. But it’s not all fun and games — Palia’s also opened up a temple on a floating island for explorable questing.

“The third temple is now explorable in Palia, and it’ll take you high above the clouds. As it’s the temple for air, there will be a lot more elements that involve jumping, climbing, and gliding—a bit similar to the obstacle course,” the devs said. Singularity Six said that after a half-year of every-other-week updates, it’s taking a break from patches for the remainder of 2023.

Source: Palia
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