The Daily Grind: Does this holiday season affect your MMO time?


Normally, the holidays are a time with stuff happening. There’s traveling to be done usually as you see members of your family, there’s stuff to host and events to attend out of the house. All of this can affect how much time you have to sit down and play a game; I still remember when it felt positively indulgent to have some time on Christmas to sit down and open my presents in Orgrimmar and Ironforge on World of Warcraft.

But that’s a normal year. 2020 is not a normal year.

For some groups of friends and even extended family, online interactions may be the only way you’re seeing one another during the holiday. If you all play an MMO, that might actually be the ideal place. Other people have just generally grown closer to online friends compared to other friends over a year in which online interactions have been a primary interaction. So does this holiday season affect your MMO time? And if so, in what ways?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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This year specifically? No. I live literally a stone throw’s from one of my grandmothers (as in, I could literally hit her ceiling throwing a stone from my front gate), which is where we’ve been centralizing Christmas parties for a long while, so I haven’t traveled for Christmas since I was a kid. And while there won’t be a big party this year, due to my previous lack of travel the time commitment to hanging out with family by other means will be roughly the same.

Now, if you are talking about holidays as opposed to the rest of the year, typically my gaming time goes up but my MMO time goes down. This is because I tend to avoid anything time-limited in games, including seasonal events in MMOs; for me they are a loss-loss proposition, because if they are bad I’ll have just wasted my time, and if they are actually good then I will be frustrated the rest of the year at not being able to engage again with that content until it comes back next year, so I prefer to just pretend seasonal MMO content, including in-game Christmas, doesn’t exist.

(Ironically I do like seasonal movies, as well as seasonal events in offline games. The difference is that I’m not restricted to only engaging with that content during a specific time of the year; if I want to watch a Christmas movie in July no one is preventing me, and with offline games worst case scenario I can use cheats and mods to unlock the seasonal content at any time I want.)

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Just the wife and I this year so basically it’ll be like any other normal day. So nope, it’ll be just my normal gaming.

These days that means:
Cyberpunk 2077
AC: Valhalla

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Jack Pipsam

Well it’s summertime here, so this used to be one of my peak gaming times during my teenage years. School/Summer holidays this was the king time to play RuneScape (which I remember doing on Christmas Day a few times), along with later WoW or Halo 3 or anything else.
Both my parents happened to be single-children so I have a rather small immediate family and we don’t really have much connections with an extended family which would have been linked to my grandparents. So for me it’s never been a massive affair with lots of people.

I know the stereotype Aussie Christmas is meant to be like large outdoor table with kids in a pool, mum doing indoor cooking, a dad outside cooking on the barbeque etc. But that was never really what happened for me and post-grandparents dead and shit it’s just been another day really haha, especially now I’m a boring working person who’s worked the last three Christmas days (going to my work after I post this), but that’s fine by me as it’s good money lol.

Although unlike most Christmas Day’s which tend to be hot as sin, right now this week has been a bit rainy and cloudy, it’s now Christmas Day for me and it’s like overcast and feels rather mild. I know some customers whinge about this lack of summer, but I tend to reply, “Remember this moment last year when our nation was on fire?”, I prefer this lol, especially as I don’t think our PM is any the more wiser. Mr. Goes to Hawaii during a Bushfire smh, I haven’t forgotten Morrison.

Anyway but not much gaming for me as I’m working, but I might feel the urge to play something. Maybe Runescape if I want to desperately recapture my childhood.
As for over the rest of summer? I’ll most likely still be working, work work work.
Money money money. Dosh Cash Dollarydoos.

You know I now have an Xbox Series X, I should probably use it for more than YouTube XD Maybe Battlefield, I always liked Battlefield.

Merry Christmas or Merry day of whatever you do day folks!


Wife insists I spend 6+ hours with the in-laws. Booo.


Yes, sorta…

As I mention in last week’s WRUP: I won’t be spending it the folks this year. So I’ll be playing my MMO’s to keep my mind of off that fact. /sigh

Malcolm Swoboda

More time. Except for making holiday dinner at home this time, praying there’s enough turkey and gravy for several nice sandwiches ;).

Better Internet, more choice of what to do, staying indoors, only one visitor instead of me visiting several others. I’ll make a few family calls but no one was biting at the idea of a short shared video call so *shrug*!

Cousin did send me a gift package and it really warmed the heart – and inspired guilt to do something next year.

Rick Mills

PJ’s, snacks and gaming…

Does not check email

This year a lot more time. In years past with little ones or a special trip I was happy to be away from the games for a week or two. This year- No travel, no visitors, stores and shops closed/reduced, money is awful and work will certainly not pick up until the New Year. There will be zoom and some marathon game play after Christmas comes down. Looking forward to the new year and new opportunities.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Hirku Two

The holidays are actually my time to binge on gaming. The only difference this year is I can pretend I’m being mature and socially responsible while I behave like a lazy slob.