Star Conflict introduces stage one of its Faction Wars content in latest update


The game is called Star Conflict, so the fact that there’s some conflict brewing in the stars of this space-based MMO shouldn’t probably be an alarming bit of news. However, the fact that this conflict is involving factions ramping up for a fight among one another is something to note, and players are being recruited to help out.

The upcoming faction wars will involve a battle between Jericho, the Empire, and the Federation for control over artifacts left by a failed alien invasion, and while things are reportedly very tense according to the game’s lore, no shots have been fired yet. With that in mind, the first stage of the two-stage event involves pilots completing faction tasks and unlocking ship components, pre-built ships, weapons, and cosmetic items. Those that complete all the tasks will get an option to assemble a new Relic destroyer, a powerful new ship with alien tech and a heavy G2 gauss gun.

More details about rewards, a look at the Relic destroyer, and other features like a Fight Club brawl and holiday-themed goodies can be looked over on the game’s site.

source: press release

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Jack Tyme

I have 550 hours in SC and if you’re comfortable with a dumbed-down version of World of Tanks in space, well there ya go. Not for everyone. For those curious no one knows for sure the active number of users as most play outside of Steam, but it’s 90% eastern hemisphere and about 3000 – 5000 active pilots right now.


Star… Conflict?

For when you get tired of playing Older Rolled Documents Online and Guy In Charge of the Hand Jewelry Online?

I guess there’s something to be said for clear intentions, at least.


Meh, I never got past the name. To me, it felt like a clear indication that they wanted it to be PVP, which is basically a massive “KEEP OUT!” sign for me.


The name probably tries to bring to mind the legendary Star Control -series.