Blade & Soul adds a new Demonsbane dungeon, an auto-hunt area, and a holiday Treasure Trove this week


This Wednesday, December 7th, is bringing a new update to Blade & Soul, and despite some of the holiday cheer that it’s partially bringing, the whole patch’s subtitle – Dark Awakening – seems pretty grim. Then again, considering the centerpiece of the new Chimera Lab section of the Demonsbane dungeon, the subtitle is probably more appropriate.

In addition to the new encounter, the December 7th update adds an “experimental” auto-hunting area known as the Darkweald that lets character automatically fight monsters and hoover up loot. There’s also a Christmas-themed Treasure Trove coming to the game, another new battle pass, a gear guide feature to help players kit up, and additional gear such as new accessories. More information is set to be shared this Tuesday, December 6th, in a livestream, but a rundown of what’s next is available now.

In other BnS news, week three of the Great Windwalk Race is in the books, and so far the actions against cheaters look to continue as the devs once again warn that cheaters in week four will face permanent bans as opposed to temporary ones. On the subject of racing cheaters, those found to have abnormal race times didn’t receive their rewards but were still found on the race leaderboard due to a script error.

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