christmas 2022

The Stream Team: Celebrating ugly Christmas SWTORs

What makes the holiday season special? Ugly Christmas sweaters of course! Or, in this case, SWTORs! And with SWTOR's 12th anniversary this week, it's...

The Stream Team: Wandering Neverwinter’s Winter Festival of Simril

While Massively OP's MJ hasn't been doing The Winter Festival of Simril in Neverwinter daily this year, she still plans to enjoying the season...

The Stream Team: A visit to City of Heroes’ classic holiday event in the Homecoming rogue server

If it's Christmas, then it's got to be the ski chalet in City of Heroes. MOP's Chris is going to head back to this...

The Stream Team: Getting free Frostfell gifts from Santa Glug in EverQuest II

A yearly tradition that Massively OP's MJ has yet to miss is visiting EQII's Santas Glug and getting gifts! In fact, she has many...

The Stream Team: There’s no Hobbits like snow Hobbits for Lord of the Rings Online’s Yule Festival

Change is good, especially when it comes to adding new holiday content to events. However, after the week that Massively OP's MJ has had,...

Massively Uplifting: A season of gains and losses in the MMO world

Where has the year gone? Fall has wrapped up, winter is beginning, and the end of the year draws nigh. Today, many will be...
gonna dress me up

The Daily Grind: Share a holiday wish for your favorite MMO fans!

The holiday is here, and if you live in a place where Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year, you probably have a...

Jukebox Heroes: Looting plenty of MMO holiday music to cheer your soul

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us here at Jukebox Heroes! Well, it's me and the pizza delivery guy that I trapped in the...

The Stream Team: Astroneer is full of Christmas Project C.H.E.E.R.

What's a good way to spend Christmas Eve? For Massively OP's MJ, the answer is: in Astroneer! Not only is the game adorable, but...

The Stream Team: Exploring AdventureQuest 3D’s new Frostval town, Winter’s Grasp

AQ3D has a brand-new area to adventure in for this year's Frostval! Massively OP's MJ is excited to explore the new town of Winter's...

Spiral Knights implores its players to save Winterfest yet again

Darn it, how many times now have the players of Spiral Knights saved Winterfest? Every year it's all about saving Winterfest. At this point...

The Stream Team: Seeking to forge a silver sword for the holidays in Dauntless

Yes, crafting a deadly weapon isn't normally in keeping with the holiday spirit, but life in Dauntless is harsh and some sturdy arms can...

Broken Ranks adds a water dragon fight, PvP toggles, and a holiday event

What do you get when you combine a high-level water dragon boss, a revamp to PvP, and a Christmas event? You get the patch...

Fiesta Online’s Christmas event is back with new and returning quests and events

The cavalcade of Christmas cheer in MMORPGs continues here at MOP, and just like every year, not a single present is being left beneath...

Closers celebrates the holidays with sticker collections and bunny outfits

When you think of Christmas, does your mind usually fill with Playboy bunny-style outfits? It does in the minds of Closers' devs if the...

The Stream Team: Slinging snowballs and looking for Wookiees in SWTOR’s Life Day

To help save the holiday spirit for Massively OP's Larry, he and MJ will not be checking out the newest SWTOR content that was...
Jingle bells, I'm a cop.

Dark Age of Camelot celebrates the Midwinter Festival once more

The true meaning of Christmas in Dark Age of Camelot is that you stop fighting over a castle for like five minutes to have...

The Stream Team: Delivering presents to all the children in Elite Dangerous

'Tis the season of giving in Elite: Dangerous, and MOP's Chris is certainly not one to miss out on making sure some toys get...

The true meaning of Christmas across the MMO space, 2022 edition

You there, boy, what day is it? Or girl! I can't see very well at this age. You say it's Christmas day? Well, then,...

The Stream Team: Who will win the Wintersday race in Guild Wars 2?

Massively OP's MJ learned that Chris has never experienced Wintersday in Guild Wars 2, so she invited him to join in the holiday celebration....