Dark Age of Camelot celebrates the Midwinter Festival once more

Jingle bells, I'm a cop.

The true meaning of Christmas in Dark Age of Camelot is that you stop fighting over a castle for like five minutes to have some eggnog and talk with your aunt. Now, yes, this might be difficult. There are boosts to realm points and experience on right now, so you might be hard-pressed to tear yourself away from that castle when you could get more rewards. But aside from the rewards available for level 50 characters who take part in the event questline, there’s also the Twelve Days of Midwinter starting on December 21st.

Players will get a free reward from talking to an NPC based on player faction every single day from December 21st onward, so that’ll be nice. You don’t want to miss getting something for free, do you? Of course not. Just be sure to not miss the daily gifts or the rest of the festivities like fighting Jack Frost in the Frozen Cavern; all of the celebratory moments come to an end on January 11th, 2023.

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