Fiesta Online’s Christmas event is back with new and returning quests and events


The cavalcade of Christmas cheer in MMORPGs continues here at MOP, and just like every year, not a single present is being left beneath any game’s tree. Thus we highlight Fiesta Online and its most recent patch, which has kicked off its Christmastime event once more.

Much of the event will see returning activities like the Frosty Ride ski race, the Attack on Frozen Roumen kingdom quest, and the Winter Cup frigid soccer match, while new quests that task players with delivering gifts to NPCs are also available; players can either elect to complete the quest chain as instructed or open a gift to steal it for themselves. Doing so will mean the end of the quest but could also mean some shiny new goodies.

On top of the Christmas event, the game’s advent calendar rewards have been updated, Kebing Claw has come back to free battle zones one and two, and a Snowman Permit is on sale that grants access to additional event quests.

sources: press release, official forums
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