SWTOR celebrates Life Day, heralds 10th birthday, and teases post 7.0 updates


Have you gone caroling with your favorite Wookiee yet? You better, lest your arms get ripped off for not displaying the right holiday spirit!

Life Day is once again all the rage in Star Wars: The Old Republic, with all sorts of frivolous activities and fun rewards to be had. There are no new rewards this year, but it will go on until January 11th, so you have plenty of time to get everything done you’d like to do. And, psst, Swtorista has a great guide up on the festival.

Meanwhile on the test server, BioWare is tempting players to put the delayed Legacy of the Sith through its paces. Players can earn up to six titles and two different holographic mounts by accomplishing different feats (such as completing all expansion story content, you crazy person) over the holidays.

BioWare’s Keith Kanneg addressed the playerbase this morning, noting that following Life Day, the game will see the Feast of Prosperity from January 11th to February 1st, followed by 7.0 itself. And then?

“Hot on the heels of 7.0, we’ll have another update with the R-4 Anomaly Operation and a new daily area set in an all-new section of Manaan. Beyond that, your character’s personal saga will continue in an epic storyline extending through multiple patches in 2022 and beyond. After the dramatic conclusion of 7.0 on Elom, you’ll continue to unravel the mysteries of Darth Nul, join the erupting civil war among the Mandalorian clans, and discover the true objective Darth Malgus is pursuing. All the while working alongside old friends like Kira, Scourge, Akaavi, and Torian, as well as some new faces you’ll meet for the first time in 7.0. You’ll also explore new locations (some are new to SWTOR, others are entirely new creations!) and perhaps even gain an opportunity to return to where your character’s journey first began so long ago… As always, you can expect all of this to unfold across a variety of content types: single player, multiplayer, Flashpoints, Operations, Daily Areas, and more. New progression gear will become available throughout the year starting with the R-4 Anomaly Operation, and as we add gear progression after 7.1, we’ll also ensure that previously available gear will become more accessible to players. We also have some exciting updates coming to PvP after 7.0 that we’re looking forward to sharing with you after launch!”

Kanneg further teases visual upgrades, UI updates, and modernization.

Source: SWTOR
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