Guild Wars 2’s Through the Veil and new zone launches November 7, followed by a weapon proliferation beta


If you take a peek at the 2023 calendar with Guild Wars 2 on the brain, you’ll realize that it’s been two months since Secrets of the Obscure launched, and on a quarterly content cadence, that means the first update of the expansion ought to be on deck shortly. Indeed it is: As ArenaNet just announced, the next update is called Through the Veil, and it’s launching November 7th – two weeks from today, sending players into “Nayos, the Realm of Dreams to bring the fight to the demonic Kryptis and further the story of their invasion of Tyria.” Based on the roadmap from August, we’re also expecting the new map to include a new mastery line.

“Among the new offerings in this update, players will gain access to the Inner Nayos map, a new explorable space in the realm of the Kryptis. Nayos will provide a new mastery track that will tie directly to a new encounter type: Convergences. These large-scale rifts in a unique arena will expand upon the rift hunting activities introduced in Secrets of the Obscure and offer groups of up to 50 players the chance to take on the biggest and most ferocious threats in the Kryptis ranks. […] New obtainable relics provide even more character build possibilities, and a more difficult challenge mode for the Cosmic Observatory strike mission are also being added to the game.”

ArenaNet further announces that it’ll run a beta event November 28th through December 3rd specifically to allow players to test a new weapon for every profession and provide feedback “in advance of the next major expansion update” – that’ll be the update likely to drop in February. The press release doesn’t note it, but the weapon-and-class combos have long since been divulged, so yes, that is a Ranger with dual maces in the gallery below; we also know the Thief gets an axe, the Guardian gets dual pistols, the Revenant gets the scepter, Warriors get staves, the Engineer gets the short bow, Elementalists pick up the pistol, Mesmers will shoot rifles, and the Necro gets double swords.

Naturally, the Wizard’s Vault will also see new rewards as well as the addition of the legacy rewards tab for all the older offerings.

Do note that this update is free to players who already own Secrets of the Obscure.

Source: Press release
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