Black Desert Mobile sets the Maegu on fire and kicks off its Tax Wagon event this week


Black Desert Mobile expands again this week as the Maegu awakening ports over to mobile devices. “Adventurers can channel her ethereal powers of the Fox Goddess to turn Maegu into Hwaryeong and unleash breathtakingly elegant attacks,” Pearl Abyss says. “Maegu Awakening gives players the power of Foxfire, turning them into the fast and deadly Hwaryeong,” essentially allowing the character to rip through enemies with a fiery fan dance.

Naturally, the studio is running both a login event and a booster event to encourage play of the new awakening: “Log in every day up to 120 minutes and get daily mission login rewards such as Chaos Core, Emblems, and more” – that’s running through November 6th.

And finally, Pearl Abyss is planning its first Tax Wagon event this weekend. No, the game is not coming for your tax refunds; Tax Wagon is an “engaging” PvP event in which “up to 100 players can participate as the attacking faction, while a maximum of 10 can defend,” all in the pursuit of silver. The pre-season for the event begins Saturday, October 28th.

Source: Press release
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