Fractured relaunches early access on Steam November 8 as team works unpaid


If you’ve been tinkering around in Fractured Online’s renewed playtests this fall, you likely saw this announcement coming: Last night Dynamight Studios told players that it’s officially rejoining the ranks of Steam on November 8th.

“We’ve had to rebuild a large chunk of our backend, go self-published again, and improve the game in almost every aspect – all with half the team and barely any budget left (yes, we’ve all been working unpaid for months now),” the studio says, referring to its year-long stint with Gamigo before reasserting its independent status earlier this year. “We managed to keep going on thanks to your support and the positive feedback on the direction of Fractured Online, hoping that once it’s back on Steam, Dynamight Studios will be back on its feet.”

Players who purchased the game when it originally hit early access last year will have access all over again; if you migrated from Steam to the launcher, you’ll want to reconnect on Steam, but if you never migrated, you should be able to just play on Steam with no fuss. A Steam price isn’t given, though we assume it’ll be the same as it’s been all year on the official site, though founder packs are discounted right now.

The team notes that it’s hoping to not wipe the game again, although this is technically early access, so it’s still a possibility. It’s also promising some recap videos over the next few weeks to recap everything that’s changed since the game left Steam at the top of the year.

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