Snowmageddon strikes Atlas Reactor

Pretend she's just out of the shot.

Welcome to SNOWMAGEDDON, the brutal, take-no-prisoners, open-all-presents throwdown that only Atlas Reactor has the guts to operate! Well, it’s a lot more fluffy and spirited than that sounds, as the game introduced a Christmas-themed winter map and festive skins for some of its characters.

A new mode, Extraction, was also added to the game. Trion Worlds explained how this mode works: “Grab the case and play keep-away for as long as you can! Each turn you end with possession of the case, you’ll earn one point. Every kill is worth 2 points! When your team has earned 10 points an Extraction zone will appear for your team only. If you end your turn, alive, with the case, in your Extraction zone, you’ll win the game!”

Finally, the studio is starting to wrap up season one and has laid out several achievements for the most daring and tenacious of players.

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