League of Legends championship paid out $6.7M in prizes

We're the good guys this week, right? No? Well, we're going anyway.
What would you do if you won $6.7 million dollars from playing video games? Other than make your parents and teachers weep at all of the time spent training you in anything other than the pixelated arts, that is.

Feel free to engage in daydreams about taking home part of this year’s $6.7M League of Legends World Championship Series prize pool, assuming that you’re a master of your mousecraft, can wheedle your way onto a pro team, and can travel back in time to enter the tournament. For the time being, let’s all be in awe of the fact that this year’s world championship payout ballooned to these proportions, which is far greater than last year’s, by the way, thanks to partial contributions from in-game sales.

A lengthy infographic broke down more than just the payout for this year’s world championship. The tournament contained 49 hours of game time, was watched by 43 million unique viewers, and awarded the first-ever three-time championship team in the game’s history.



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