It’s double the Prestige this weekend in WildStar

Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

You there! Are you fighting for the glory of your faction in WildStar? Don’t give some kind of weak answer like… well, any answer other than an affirmative, really. Especially since you can jump into the game this weekend and earn doubled Prestige, which is the snazzy PvP currency of the title. So you’ll be able to get twice as much stuff with every win… or every loss.

And let’s face it, if you haven’t been doing much PvP until now, there are going to be a large number of losses. Doubly rewarding losses.

The event is running from December 9th until December 12th, and as the announcement helpfully reminds Prestige farmers, the currency caps out at 12,000. So make sure to actually spend it while you queue up and smash the faces of other players. Of course, if you have been active in PvP, you probably don’t need much more Prestige… but you can enjoy a whole lot of new players trying to earn it. So you still luck out.


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