Uncharted Waters Online finally docks at Atlantis

Uncharted Waters Online finally docks at Atlantis

What’s behind that cloud up there? Why, it’s the fabled lost continent of Atlantis! Don’t believe us? Say that this is just a fluffy cloud? Then you’re just going to have to log into Uncharted Waters Online to see for yourself.

In this week’s Acropolis update, UWO finally arrives at Atlantis (with the help of a solar barge), where ancient technology can be researched, blessings from the gods can be bestowed, and plenty of new maps can be explored. For the truly daring, the Acropolis Temple instance features an endless dungeon in which to eventually die.

The patch toned down some of the difficulty with land battles and added a trio of new ships to obtain. There’s now the French flagship Dauphin Royale, the Spanish transport galleon Felipe, and the arctic vessel Polar Expedition Ketch.

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