Echo of Soul transports players to Christmasland


As with, well, pretty much every other MMO out there right now, Echo of Soul is running its own Christmas event.

The game patched in a holiday map today that adds several quests for players to solve, including one that involves a reindeer strike. There’s a huge reward list to eggnog players on, with items such as “special roast turkey” and “digestant,” which one needs after gorging on the special roast turkey.

Raid supplies will be cheaper for the remainder of the month to encourage players to run and complete Ironfire Mountain. The team made a change to a different dungeon as well: “Based on player feedback, we’ve changed the rewards for Doomspire Keep. Please note, however, that the difficulty of the dungeon has not been modified due to the fact that players can now obtain better gear from the Ironfire Mountain raid.”

Source: Patch notes
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