Shroud of the Avatar gets gifty with exchangeable present boxes

Eh, I had nothing else to do.

As with every one before it, Shroud of the Avatar’s Update of the Avatar #203 packs a sleigh full of news. This time, however, it also has brings literal presents! Besides providing details on a score of game systems changes and announcing winners of the lot raffle, the dev blog rolled in the Yuletide season by introducing gift boxes and other seasonal fare.

Gift boxes are packages players can full with goodies and then give away to friends (or just arrange as decoration underneath their Yuletide tree!). One version can be crafted, while others can be purchased. One box was even made — by player request — to be suitable for filling with coal. Unlike the stockings, gift boxes won’t be totally relegated to the Yuletide season; a more generic set with SOTA-themed wrapping will be available for any other gift-giving occasions throughout the year.

Of course there was more than just holiday revelry to be had. The update also explained more about how the tradeable premium currency Gold Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) work, noting that the currency can be used to save time and buy visual enhancements (but not power) and can drop in game. Devs also shared details about the upcoming PvP area Blood Bay, showed off the modifications to Xenos, and introduced new houses, resurrection locations for lots, and fancy fire-dancing emotes. You can see these areas and items in the gallery above and video below. For even more details on all the systems, check out the full Update of the Avatar #203.

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