ArcheAge starts holiday festival, compensates players with unique mounts

ArcheAge is so, so sorry, guys. While the mess of Revelation’s launch in North America still has yet to be fully cleaned up, Trion Worlds is sending out a “thank you” bundle with a unique mount this week to all players affected by the ongoing issues. In addition, the studio is finally kicking off the game’s Winter Maiden Festival, which will run through January 11th.

Of course, this won’t be much consolation if you can’t get in and play. In today’s state of the game update, Trion reported that a recent patch seems to have greatly helped the login servers, although disconnects are still happening. There also seems to be a struggle in increasing the player capacity for the fresh start servers.

“The team is still running the North American fresh start servers over standard capacity,” Trion said, “but their capacity is still not equivalent to their European counterpart, Prophecy. When that capacity is brought too high, additional disconnection waves happen across the server. This is the reason we’re keeping their numbers lower than Prophecy’s 300% capacity. We will be performing additional investigation and testing on Prophecy in order to better understand what may be contributing to this difference.”

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