Albion Online’s holiday event is elfin’ hardcore


It’s not launched yet, but Albion Online apparently didn’t want to let the holiday season go by without adding a little festive fun of its own. Starting on December 10th, testers can attempt to find three of Uncle Frost’s merry helpers in order to win chests, artifacts, and even a direbear mount.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a walk in the candy cane forest: “As you know, easy and Albion don’t exactly go hand in hand. The helpers will be hidden throughout PvP-enabled zones, and you will have to stand next to them for a few minutes to rescue them, so watch your back or better yet — bring a group of friends!”

To make matters even more tricky, the reward is only given out once per helper to one person at that location before the helper relocates. So that will be fun to watch groups fall to in-fighting as part of the holiday season.

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