Daybreak confirms its president has stepped down, Columbus Nova exec continues in his stead


Last week, we reported on the news that Daybreak President Russell Shanks, who had been the President of the company ever since John Smedley resigned last year, apparently left back in October, being replaced at least in part by Columbus Nova exec Ji Ham, whose Linkedin suggested he’s been a Co-President of Daybreak since July of 2015 and now is apparently Acting President. As of this evening, we now have confirmation of those facts — and little more.

“Daybreak Games confirms that Russ Shanks has recently stepped down from his position at Daybreak to pursue other interests,” a representative for Daybreak told us tonight. “Ji Ham will continue as acting president of the company.”

Columbus Nova is the investment company that picked up Sony’s unwanted SOE branch last year when the studio was spun off and rebranded as Daybreak. In light of the “acting” terminology, it remains unclear whether Ji Ham is a permanent installation or a new president will be selected to replace Shanks in the future.

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