Gloria Victis promises faster town creation, improved character models


Speed is picking up with Gloria Victis’ development. The dev team reports that it is close to finishing a new building system that will allow it to add locations to the game much faster than before. Character visuals are due to improve as well, with changes planned that will make models 10 times as detailed than they are right now.

In the meantime, last week’s alpha patch mostly focused on tweaking the glory system. Bank them glory points, kids, because they’re going to come in handy: “In near future you will be able to spend them for precious rewards, including attributes restart points, unique titles and many more.”

Finally, the dev team offered a sneak peek at some of the new character animations that will come with those spiffy upgraded models. Want a look? Sure you do, and we wouldn’t dream of holding you back. See them after the break!

Source: Patch notes. ThanksĀ!
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