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This guy is decked out in armor. THAT is a talent, even.

Jack Emmert talks up NetEase support for his studio’s Warhammer MMO, talks down a PvP design focus

Back in May we caught wind of developer Jack Emmert's shift from Daybreak to the newly formed NetEase-owned studio Jackalyptic Games, which is starting...

Jack Emmert confirms that NetEase’s Warhammer 40,000 MMO is being built in Unreal Engine 5

Hopefully you didn't miss the fascinating announcement last month that Jack Emmert's new Austin-based, NetEase-owned game studio is working on a Warhammer 40,000 MMO...
Hammer, war, whatever.

Jack Emmert’s NetEase-owned studio rebrands as Jackalyptic Games, teases Warhammer 40K title

The studio is named Jackalyptic Games, it's owned by Netease, and it's headed by Jack Emmert. You might think that you wouldn't want to...

Jack Emmert is apparently leading a new NetEase studio – and not Daybreak’s Marvel MMO

So remember how Jack Emmert, the former Cryptic Studios boss, had moved over to Daybreak in 2016, where he was heading up Dimensional Ink,...

Jack Emmert isn’t sure Daybreak will publish his next MMO, says DCUO is as big as it was four years ago

In January, Daybreak finally announced the fruits of its "realignment" that we'd been covering since last summer: It was splitting off new substudios for...
City again.

The Game Archaeologist: Digging up the history of City of Heroes

For the longest time in the early 2000s, MMORPGs scared me off. They looked too obtuse, too grindy, too ugly, and too unapproachable for...

DC Universe Online joins Aquaman in Atlantis

With the Aquaman movie coming this December, DC Universe Online doesn't want to be left out of the fishy fun. Just before the movie...

A creepy starfish has taken over DC Universe Online

If you're not echinodermophobic already, DC Universe Online's latest patch is angling to turn you with its latest patch. Yes, Starro the Conqueror and...

Jack Emmert is answering DCUO questions on Twitch right now

Daybreak has not had the best couple of weeks. No, wait, let me start over. Daybreak has not had the best couple of years....

Daybreak confirms its president has stepped down, Columbus Nova exec continues in his stead

Last week, we reported on the news that Daybreak President Russell Shanks, who had been the President of the company ever since John Smedley resigned last...

Rumor: Daybreak’s Russell Shanks is out, Columbus Nova exec is in

Wilhelm over at The Ancient Gaming Noob has dug up what appears to be juicy Daybreak news. According to entries on Linkedin and Wikipedia,...

Massively Overthinking: FOMO and time-limited events in MMORPGs

Earlier this week, Daybreak told players it wanted to get back to time-limited events in DC Universe Online. "Events make logging in every day...

Cryptic’s Jack Emmert now heads up DCUO at Daybreak Austin

Jack Emmert, known to MMORPG players chiefly for his role as co-founder of Cryptic Studios, has been appointed CEO of Daybreak's -- yes, that...