Rumor: Daybreak’s Russell Shanks is out, Columbus Nova exec is in


Wilhelm over at The Ancient Gaming Noob has dug up what appears to be juicy Daybreak news. According to entries on Linkedin and Wikipedia, Russell Shanks, who had been the President of the company ever since John Smedley resigned┬álast year, apparently left back in October, being replaced at least in part by Columbus Nova exec Ji Ham, who’s now listed as having been a Co-President of Daybreak since July of 2015 and now is apparently Acting President.

You might remember Shanks from such gems as “Daybreak is discontinuing development of EverQuest Next” because “we found that it wasn’t fun.”

Columbus Nova, on the other hand, is the investment company that picked up┬áSony’s unwanted SOE branch last year when the studio got the Daybreak rebrand.

We’ve reached out to Daybreak for more information on the studio’s leadership structure. Nice work, TAGN. We say at least 8 points (and don’t forget Jack Emmert).


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