Jack Emmert’s NetEase-owned studio rebrands as Jackalyptic Games, teases Warhammer 40K title

Hammer, war, whatever.

The studio is named Jackalyptic Games, it’s owned by Netease, and it’s headed by Jack Emmert. You might think that you wouldn’t want to brand your new studio based on wordplay that implies an incoming Jackocalypse, but it’s probably more of a reference to the studio’s old name of Jackalope Games, a studio announced just a year ago after Emmert left his position at Daybreak. The newly rebranded studio is apparently working on a Warhammer game because those always go well.

Minor jokes aside, we don’t know at this time what form the game will take, whether it is based on the fantasy or far-future 40k segment of the franchise [Update: See below!], or any of the game mechanics. There isn’t even concept art floating around just yet.

But Emmert has a long history with online games and MMORPGs going back with City of Heroes and Cryptic Studios, so there’s definitely a pedigree there. Moreover, the press release reminds gamers that the studio’s goal is “creating immersive online multiplayer experiences for PC and console.”

If you’re a big fan of the franchise or just want to keep up with industry veterans in new roles, keep an eye on this one.

MOP reader Max found a Linkedin post from a NetEase recruiter who says definitively that this is a Warhammer 40,000 Universe title.

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