Path of Exile celebrates a smooth content launch with two new videos

THE POWER (you've got it)
Launching something new always involves a certain amount of pulling the trigger and then apprehensively waiting. What’s going to go wrong? Are the servers going to come down? Is everything going to be a buggy mess? Will someone figure out the cool secret stuff in half a minute and then spread the solution all over? In short, you can understand why the Path of Exile team is happy to celebrate the smooth launch of the Breach League and the most recent content update for the game, with both improved concurrency and people noting the smooth launch on social media.

Fans of the game can thus feast their eyes upon two new videos, embedded just below. The first one is for fans of how the game works, as it explains the adjustments made to melee targeting and the balance improvements in the most recent content update. If you don’t want to know how melee is working but just want to wade into melee to smash things, you might be more interested in the video detailing builds to get started in the Breach League. Both are viable viewing options.

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