Shroud of the Avatar details polish coming to upcoming patches

Well, that's like polish.

The team behind Shroud of the Avatar has been quick to point out that having the game go persistent is not the same as being done making big changes to the game. For example, while Xenos received a bit of a polish pass right before the game went persistent, the team still wasn’t happy with the state of the area. So another set of improvements is on the way for the game’s next major patch, and you can catch up on the work in progress with the latest development update.

Players can also get caught up on the state of the open PvP region, Blood Bay, although whether you can’t wait to go or you can’t wait to stay far away is up to your play preferences. There’s also the usual assortment of community spotlights and player news, so check out the full update for all of the goings-on surrounding the game. It is, after all, forever in motion, even with persistence.

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