Trove welcomes the ‘ghastly horrors’ of Shadow’s Eve

When you think of the scariest and most spine-tingling elements of Halloween, what rises to the top of the list? Pumpkins and candy corn, right? Is it any surprise then that Trove is capitalizing upon these fears with the return of Shadow’s Eve?

Trove’s Halloween event, which starts today and runs through November 1st, has quite a lot in store for the daring risk-taker. There are pumpkin lairs to defeat, candy corn to collect, goofy costumes to wear, and 11 new seasonal mounts to tame.

The devs hinted at something even more horrible with this event: “If your sixth sense is tingling you’re not imagining things — you see dead people. The most superstitious among us will have a chance to see the spirit of fallen Trovians during Shadow’s Eve.”

Source: Trove

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