Relive LOTRO’s Weatherstock XIII player concert series with these videos


This past weekend, Hobbits and Elves (and other Free Peoples of Middle-earth) put down their swords and took up lutes, drums, and oboes for the biggest annual concert in Lord of the Rings Online. Weatherstock XIII raged all Saturday, with several players bands performing entertaining sets to the crowd atop Weathertop on the Landroval server.

In case you couldn’t make it or weren’t able to stay for the whole thing, YouTube channel LOTRO Music put together a great playlist of some of the acts:

Timcoolish recorded the “mega-band” closing performance:

Source: LOTRO

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Ardra Diva

glad they’re using the event stage across from the Pony. Drives me nuts to see it empty and a band playing by the stables or something. They put the stage there specifically for things like this, why a band wouldn’t use it baffles me.

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Great show again this year!

My favorite part of it was probably the rendition of the 1812 Overture by the Mardi Gras Party Band… but there were so many great acts and the after-party was nice too… Thanks to Druidsfire for the livestream on Twitch too.

Riddlemyst Gaming

I’m so hopeful that the conversations they’ve been hinting at about changing monetization come to fruition in a good way. If it weren’t for the item shop and ridiculous pricing scheme, my family and I would live in this game for the foreseeable future.

Here’s hoping!