PvP sandbox Profane shows off development progress as it marches toward alpha


PvP MMO sandbox Profane’s been busting its hump this year working to get all of the core parts and features into place, and you may be impressed how much it’s done as it works toward getting a proper alpha ready for testing.

In fact, developer Insane posted a two-and-a-half minute video to sum up all of the progress that the team made over the course of May and June. By watching this, you can get a first glimpse of Profane’s character customization screen, some of the tropical monsters, different hairstyles, visual special effects for Primordial Elements, and the various weather and day/night changes in the game world.

“We are building the alpha on the definitive basis of the game, unlike its previous versions. Many existing processes and systems had to be either improved, adapted, or recreated from scratch,” Insane said on its website. “Our main goal with the artwork is to bring innovation to the MMORPG genre, which we seek to achieve in every way.”

Source: YouTube

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ishikawa ren

Time is valuable, should know when to give up

Jeremy Barnes

Do you wish to burn money? Then have I got a pvp focused MMO for you. I’ll just need a few million for development.


hmmm. Hadn’t heard about this until now.
I’m always dubious of PvP sandboxes but I’m also interested in them.
Much to my dismay at times.
I’ll put this on a list and see what comes of it, thanks