Embers Adrift defends its subscription monetization model in latest dev video


The most recent developer livestream from Embers Adrift began as most others, with the game’s community manager Elloa reading patch notes for March’s update and an April hotfix, playing the game, and highlighting a player guide. However, at one point she went into a self-described rant about complaints related to the MMORPG’s monetization model, defending Stormhaven Studios’ decision to have a box price and subscription.

Elloa begins by pointing out that creating an MMORPG is expensive, as developers need money to live and that the game needs money to keep its lights on. She then discusses how a subscription fee is the best way the studio feels to approach those needs, calling the subscription model “democratic” since everyone is on the same level as everyone else and that player power levels are “earned.” And while she does appreciate people put their own personal value on the sub versus the game’s offerings, she also expresses personal frustration with remarks against the sub model, particularly as she characterizes the team as one that “chooses something difficult” instead of something far more lucrative or predatory.

“Sometimes when I read those comments, I’m getting very irritated because I’m like, ‘How do you want we survive? As a person? As a human being?'” she says. “It is a fair price, it is not greedy. […] If we were greedy, we would not work on Embers Adrift. This is not the path for fame and success and plenty of money.”

Readers will remember that Embers did lower the costs for its box and sub earlier this year, and Elloa does point out that she is not criticizing other MMOs that use a free-to-play model, but it’s also clear that the devs have their heels dug in on the matter.

source: YouTube
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