Embers Adrift lowers its box price and subscription price, maps out content for 2023


Over the course of the last few months, Embers Adrift has held sales for its brand of PvE MMORPG gaming, including free-to-play weekends and a limited-time discount to its subscription price. Stormhaven Studios has decided this week to transform its sales into base pricing, lowering both the box price and the sub price: The sub will now set players back $10 a month, while the box cost will lower to $30 “until further notice.” Additionally, players will be able to gift others subscription time.

The announcement continues to prop up its monetization model choice as “important” and as a way to “focus on giving […] players more of the content they love instead of running a digital storefront” while also recognizing that there are a lot of MMO options out there.

The announcement post also makes a lot of hay about upcoming updates, starting first with its big patch on February 28th, which will bring a level 30 zone, eight new “long form quests,” improvements to social and chat UI, new monsters, more storage space, improvements to new abilities as well as the rare opportunity to see abilities dropped from monsters in certain zones, and 1v1 dueling among other things.

The post also looks forward into the rest of 2023, primarily with an alchemy profession arriving throughout the year in several phases as well as new regions, a new dungeon, and new quests, all of which are aimed at mid to high-level players. Meanwhile, last week’s patch added more dungeons, the ability to link items in chat, and several new monsters.

sources: Twitter, official forums. Cheers, Yrys!
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