PSA: Embers Adrift is extending its discounted sub price offer through January 15

Well, all right.

When Embers Adrift made its launch last October, it confirmed that it would require a monthly subscription fee of $15, though early adopters would be able to pin down a sub fee of $10 a month if they bought in by January 1st. Obviously, we’re well past that cutoff date, but it looks like developer Stormhaven Studios has extend that discount offer.

Those who decide to set up a sub to the MMORPG will now be able to lock that discounted fee down through January 15th. After that, the game’s sub price is scheduled to go to its originally planned $15 a month. Once again, those who take advantage of the discount will get to keep that price forever so long as a sub is maintained.

While paying a box price and a sub for a game that was called in Justin’s initial impressions “too niche, too expensive, and lacking any strong hook to make it in this cutthroat MMO market” may be a hard pill to swallow, those who are perhaps not fussed by that assessment now have more time to snatch a deal.

source: Twitter
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