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Why I Play April Fools’ Day

So it's time for our April Fools' Day joke, which means that usually it's my time to shine. Seriously, a lot of these have...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 265: Delusions of Elyria

Justin, Bree, MJ, and Mia discuss Chronicles of Elyria, Guild Wars 2, PSO2, Ashes of Creation, Saga of Lucimia, WoW Classic and Burning Crusade, with adventures in LOTRO, Revelation Online, Don't Starve Together, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on player housing and optional sub servers.

Grab a key for Shadow Arena’s final beta, courtesy of Pearl Abyss and MOP

As we've been covering, Pearl Abyss is gearing up for a 2020 release of Shadow Arena, the standalone battle royale based on

MMO Week in Review: Elyria’s suspended storm, Guild Wars 2’s lie of omission

Even in the middle of a pandemic, the MMO industry manages to keep ramping up the news. Not only did Chronicles of Elyria...
It's a car.

WRUP: How to change a tire edition

First step, you should find a tire. This part is easy. Cars usually have several of them. Their owners tend to get mad when...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 264: Don’t feel blue, MapleStory 2

Justin, Bree, Eliot, and Chris discuss the pandemic's positive impact on gaming, MapleStory 2, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest, and Warhammer Online, with adventures in Animal Crossing, Star Trek Online, GW2, SWG Legends, Dauntless, and FFXIV, and an epic lightning round mailbag.

MMO Week in Review: Finding refuge in MMOs from WoW to LOTRO

This week was both the spring equinox and St Patrick's Day, but you wouldn't know it from the world, which is still reeling from...
They exist.

WRUP: Unfairly rejected suggestions from my Pangolin Improvement Seminar edition

Sounds made: Car horn honking. Lightsaber noises. Screeching metal. The entirety of the Barenaked Ladies song "It's All Been Done." Cate Blanchett gravely saying,...

Enter to win a sweet Maplestory Pink Bean gaming chair from Nexon and MOP!

Do you hear that sobbing in the background? It's the sound of Massively OP's Carlo weeping over the fact that we're about to give...

MMO Week in Review: So we’re going to Cantha

The spreading coronavirus has dominated headlines around the world this week, and we can't escape it even here, as gaming events cancel...

WRUP: Talk to your children about scrod edition

You should talk to your children about scrod. Not because it's a new issue. They're not going to be asking you any questions about...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 262: Holly Holly oxen free

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak's Holly Longdale's departure, City of Heroes' Homecoming video ban, PlanetSide 2's Escalation, Black Desert's birthday, Cryptic's chat nuke, Guild Wars 2's next episode, changing MMO opinions, and MMO automation, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW Classic, and SWG Legends.

MMO Week in Review: Holly Longdale’s short goodbye

It's the end of an era for the EverQuest franchise, as this week Holly Longdale, the longtime franchise head only recently installed as...
Mayonnaise is funny

WRUP: Three directors whom I suspect of filling my personal belongings with mayonnaise edition

Sir Ridley Scott: On five separate occasions I have seen Sir Ridley Scott running away from my mailbox with mayonnaise dripping down his chin...

Perfect Ten: Pet peeves of doing MMO journalism

In many ways, Massively Overpowered is a dream (side) job for us. We get to write about something we love and have it published...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 261: PAX yay, GDC nay

Justin and Bree discuss PAX East, GDC, the coronavirus' impact on gaming, Magic Legends, Population Zero, Marvel Future Revolution, LOTRO and DDO, Funcom and Dune, and City of Heroes, plus adventures in AQ3D, CoH, and SWG Legends, with mailbag topics on everything MMOs and the doom of WildStar.

MMO Week in Review: Magic Legends and more from PAX East

This week in MMOs, what should've been an epic week for online gaming with the arrival of PAX East took on a dismal cast...

WRUP: Son edition

Son. Child. Offspring. Descendant. Genetic payload. Youth. Boy. Boyo. Scion. Youngling. Lad. Squire. Successor. Heir. Offshoot. Spawn. Additional family member. Post-pregnancy. Kid. Sport. Slugger....
Half man. Half beard. Another half beard.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 260: New World needs new ideas

Justin and Bree discuss Project Nova, Final Fantasy XIV, PAX East and the coronavirus, WoW subs, New World, and Daybreak, with mailbag topics on positive MMO stories, rogue servers, binge listening, and sandboxes.

MMO Week in Review: World of Warcraft’s subber casualties

World of Warcraft had quite a week: It began Shadowlands' alpha, opened a Classic test server, and took heavy subscriber...