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It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 234: ArcheAge’s game changer

Justin and Bree discuss ArcheAge Unchained, WoW Classic, No Man's Sky, DDO, Neverwinter, and Elder Scrolls Online, with mailbag topics on the future of MMOs and the silent majority MMO playerbase.

WRUP: Upcoming trends from movie studios edition

Warner Bros: Having watched every single attempt at its franchises completely fail to gain any serious traction, Warner Bros ultimately decides to throw up...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 233: What WoW Classic slouches toward Bethlehem?

Justin and Bree discuss WoW and WoW Classic, LOTRO, Square Enix, Aion, DCUO, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in Chronicles of Spellborn, City of Heroes, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on newbie onboarding and MMO end-of-life strategy.
What are we trying to accomplish here, exactly?

MMO Week in Review: Where Blizzard goes, the MMO genre follows?

Hear that rumble off in the distance? It's WoW Classic, and it's only two weeks out now, as all the infodumps and
Harley left a long time ago.

WRUP: Rejected Joker schemes to kill Batman with rejection notes edition

Scheme from H. Mortimer: "Develop a new time-delayed explosive that are placed in cakes throughout the city. While Batman is trying to collect the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 232: Girl Dwarves rock our world

Justin and Bree discuss WoW, LOTRO, DDO, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Skyforge, City of Heroes, SWG Legends, and Marvel Heroes.

Massively Uplifting: Good deeds by the Paladins, Warframe, and AdventureQuest 3D communities

Here we go again with the "games are evil" nonsense, right? We've had that agenda pushed in our faces before, and Massively Uplifting...

MMO Week in Review: New shinies for LOTRO, DDO, and Star Trek Online as E3 suffers data breach

Multiple big MMORPGs got major announcement this week: Lord of the Rings Online announced a new Dwarf race, Dungeons and Dragons Online...
Ham ham ham ham ham.

WRUP: This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week’s What Are You Playing edition

This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week's What Are You Playing. This sentence, translated between languages ​​and so forth,...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 231: EverQuest and Secret World prognostications

Justin and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online, Pagan Online, EverQuest 3, Guild Wars 2, and Worlds Adrift, with adventures in WoW, SWG, and Villagers & Heroes, plus mailbag topics on The Secret World and MMO fashion.

MMO Week in Review: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Guild Wars 2’s next season were Cantha

It was a surprisingly solid week for Guild Wars 2, not so much because of one specific thing but because of the deluge:...
Be kind

WRUP: Recent movies that I have watched edition

Quigley Down Under: Sometimes you have a movie that you only half-remember from when you were younger and you don't really know if it...
Hello, art discussion prompt.

Grab a key for next week’s Astellia Online second closed beta test

Astellia Online is gearing up for its second closed beta test next week, specifically to test the PvPvE battleground known as Avalon,...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 230: A tale of geeks and gamers (and the Legends of Aria interview)

Justin and Bree are joined by Legends of Aria's Derek Brinkmann for a deep-dive into the launch patch, plus we discuss Villagers & Heroes, SWTOR, Neverwinter, DCUO, and WoW, with a mailbag topic about City of Heroes' spiritual successors.

Snag a MU Online, MU Legend, C9, Flyff, or Rappelz gift bundle in Webzen’s summerfest giveaway

Webzen is celebrating summer this week with a big round of events across its whole catalogue of MMOs, including including MU...

MMO Week in Review: SWTOR’s latest monetization tweaks

Star Wars The Old Republic dropped a patch this week, a quality-of-life update that makes the free-to-play experience a bit less paintful in...
Well, yes.

WRUP: Which stupid things did Eliot pre-order edition

As you may know, San Diego Comic-Con is currently taking place, which means that all of the world is planning out which superhero movies...

Join the MMO blogging scene with Blaugust 2019

For a few years now, the advent of August doesn't just mean hot weather and a countdown to school days: It also means that...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 229: Adventures in Albion Online

Justin, Samon, and Bree discuss Daybreak, the new LOTR MMO Amazon is co-developing, EVE Online's comms blackout, Caravan Stories, and City of Heroes, with a sponsored segment on Albion Online's Percival update.

MMO Week in Review: Amazon joins new Lord of the Rings MMORPG, Daybreak is up to something

Any other week, the news that Amazon Games Studios has joined up with Leyou on a previously announced Lord of the Rings MMORPG...