One of Ubisoft’s canceled games was a PvP team battle arena dubbed Project Q


In covering Ubisoft’s ongoing clownshow – the mass-game cancelations, the sixth delay of Skull & Bones, the CEO gaffe, and the impending worker strike – we noted that Ubisoft has canceled seven games in the last half year, four last summer and three last week. One of those games was apparently Project Q, a “team battle arena” PvP title that was first announced back in April 2022 after a string of leaks that forced the publisher’s hand.¬†At the time, Ubisoft insisted the game wasn’t a blockchain title and wasn’t a battle royale, but little else was known.

“We can confirm we will no longer support the development of Project Q in order to focus on priority projects, to which our teams are being reallocated,” Ubisoft admitted to VGC. The game’s website, which previously solicited beta signups, also now redirects to Ubisoft’s main page.

As RPS notes, Ubisoft’s push toward live service games with the flopped Ghost Recon battle royale and Hyper Scape hasn’t been a resounding success, so maybe canceling a battle arena that didn’t even have a real name yet (and whose project name was always unfortunate anyway) now is more of a kindness than it looks, but it still sucks for the developers working on it.

Source: Insider Gaming via VGC via RPS
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