WoW Classic advances Wrath of the Lich King to Phase 2


The second phase of Wrath Classic went live today with the debut of Secrets of Ulduar. The update for WoW Classic issues in an upgraded version of an old favorite instance — and a brand-new feature called Titan Rune Dungeons.

Ulduar is one of Wrath of the Lich King’s premiere raids, with 14 bosses and a whole lot of loot. Blizzard said that it adjusted the raid to be just as hard as it initially was when Ulduar came out back in the day. It’s expected that this “hard mode” will eventually be nerfed once the cutting edge guilds have their fill.

As for Titan Rune Dungeons, the studio said that this offers an “optional game mode” that will make the instance more dangerous and rewarding: “Activating Defense Protocol Alpha will increase the health and damage of the creatures in the dungeon, as well as add a new thematic gameplay effect based on the theme of the dungeon.”

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