See, not all things are the same.

As Warcraft turns 30, Blizzard has preemptively canceled BlizzCon for 2024

Well, you can read the headline: There's no BlizzCon this year after all, in spite of the fact that this is Warcraft's 30th anniversary...

Avatar franchise mobile MMO Avatar Reckoning has been canceled after split from Tencent

Almost exactly two years ago, we first caught wind of an MMO based on the Avatar franchise - mobile MMO, to be precise, although...

The Final Fantasy XIV live-action TV series is apparently dead in the water

Remember that talk about adapting Final Fantasy XIV into a live-action television series? No, not the Dad of Light series that included FFXIV as...

One of Ubisoft’s canceled games was a PvP team battle arena dubbed Project Q

In covering Ubisoft's ongoing clownshow - the mass-game cancelations, the sixth delay of Skull & Bones, the CEO gaffe, and the impending worker strike...

Put on your shocked face: Halo Infinite has canceled local multiplayer

Just how much multiplayer Halo Infinite would include has been the subject of a lot of fuss over the last year. It didn't even...

Blizzard-NetEase financing dispute leads to canceled Warcraft mobile MMO ‘Neptune’

Blizzard has apparently canceled an in-development MMORPG. Bloomberg, which first broke the news, says the game was code-named Neptune and was a "massively multiplayer...

Artist shares character creation screens from Daybreak’s nixed Marvel superhero MMO

It's very likely that the news of EG7 pulling the plug on Daybreak's in-development Marvel MMORPG didn't hit you very hard, considering that we...

EG7 Q1 2022 financials: EG7 has canceled Daybreak’s Marvel MMORPG

Remember earlier this month when NetEase announced that Jack Emmert was heading up a new NetEase studio called Jackalope Games, meaning that he was...

Kickstarted MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria halts development, lays off all employees

Since its splashy and successful Kickstarter run back in 2016 that raised $1.36 million from MMO gamers, Chronicles of Elyria developed a reputation for...
Well, I'm mollified.

Nexon has apparently canceled Peria Chronicles as employee union organizes protest

Nexon appears to have suspended development of MMORPG Peria Chronicles, which began beta testing in Korea this past spring. According to Korean news website InvenGlobal,...

Amazon Game Studio’s Breakaway is officially dead

Last fall, we heard word that one of Amazon Game Studios' three announced online titles, Breakaway, was going into development hiatus. That didn't bode...
Mister Chef.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Halo Online in Russia

Sorry, Russia: Master Chief is turning his back on you after all. Announced a year and a half ago, Halo Online had some fans of...

Archlord 2 to sunset on November 24

Just weeks after its Season of Siege patch came out, Archlord 2 announced that it will be shutting down on November 24th. "Archlord 2 has...

‘Speed MOBA’ Solstice Arena shutting down, offers parting gift

After two years in operation on both mobile devices and the PC, Solstice Arena is calling it quits. The so-called "speed MOBA" announced last night...