Microsoft pulls the plug on Halo Online in Russia

Mister Chef.

Sorry, Russia: Master Chief is turning his back on you after all.

Announced a year and a half ago, Halo Online had some fans of the franchise excited, even if Microsoft was only developing the game for Russia. It’s all past tense now, as the software giant has decided to kill the online shooter.¬†Gamasutra reports that one of the local partners said that Microsoft “failed to [make] decisions on the future of the project” for quite some time now.

Halo Online wasn’t solely a Microsoft project; in fact, it was being developed jointly by¬†343 Industries and Saber Interactive with the plan to publish it through Innova Systems. This game should not be confused with the untitled Halo MMO which was in development in the mid-2000s and canceled around 2007.

Source: Gamasutra
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