Avatar franchise mobile MMO Avatar Reckoning has been canceled after split from Tencent


Almost exactly two years ago, we first caught wind of an MMO based on the Avatar franchise – mobile MMO, to be precise, although we were skeptical about how many people it would actually hold. The key selling point for Avatar Reckoning, of course, was the wildly popular IP and the fact that it was originally a partnership between Disney and Tencent. It was supposed to launch in 2022. Obviously, it didn’t. Then, in late 2023, Disney was showing off footage and saying it would launch “soon.” That didn’t happen either. And now it never will.

As first noticed by PocketGamer, studio Archosaur told stockholders this week that has outright canceled the game. In fact, it’s a bit stranger than that, as PocketGamer also reports that Archosaur split with Tencent at the top of 2024, intending to self-publish and soft-launch, which is also apparently not happening now.

“The board of directors (the “Board”) hereby announces that due to the strategic adjustment of the Company’s products and operations, after careful consideration, the Company has decided to terminate the launch plan of Avatar: Reckoning.”

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