Gloria Victis’ massive roadmap includes a complete rethink of guild castles


Black Eye Games dropped a massive roadmap for Gloria Victis this week, capping off its first four months of post-launch during which it’s managed to score a “mostly positive” review rating on Steam. It’s actually more than a roadmap, as it also includes some of the larger finished content, like destructible housing and the ongoing Season of the Wolves.

The devs say that marching forward, they’re working on guild perks and islands, miniboss hots, continuing graphics upgrades, a broad economy overhaul, and more tweaks for building and PvP. Guild castles sound pretty sweet.

“When we think about medieval times, we imagine plate armor, axes, bows, horses, and castles. A lot of players would love to build their own castle and then further develop that castle and defend it,” the devs write.

“In the past, we had a system called “Free building” at 9 guild castle locations on the open world map. Unfortunately, that system was not working as it was meant to work. Most guilds and players had very limited access to the guild castles, only a few guilds could own their own guild castles and because of that, only a few players had access to the free building, but we want more people to have access to that feature. Additionally, a few guilds owned the same castles for many years, stagnating the map and depriving other guilds and nations of any chance at castle ownership and growth.”

The new system will “turn that around and expand” it, according to the studio.

Do note that a new glory season for the game kicks off on June 15th.

Source: Steam
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