Gloria Victis reverts guild castles to national castles, starts a 5v5 tournament, and celebrates Christmas


When a game names its update Clash of Nations, you probably expect there to be some large changes arriving with it. Sure enough, the newest patch to Gloria Victis appears to be offering changes worthy of the subtitle, as it brings a 5v5 tournament, kicks off its Christmas event, and makes several gameplay adjustments, particularly in regard to guild castles.

More specifically, the guild castle change is more like a reversion, ending the guild castle mechanic and bringing back an improved version of national castles. According to the devs, this is meant to shake loose stagnation that was occurring when guilds control a central castle and to halt zerg tactics, as members of large guilds could simply teleport to their castle and steamroll any opposition. When a nation gets a castle, players aligned with that nation will enjoy the highest tiers of gathering locations and farmlands, a region-wide buff, and the opportunity to earn more points during the Deadly Harvest event.

Speaking of events, the game is celebrating Christmas by way of encouraging players to bake gingerbread cookies to either eat or use as currency for rewards, as well as replacing falling meteorites with crashing Santa sleighs and all of the presents to be found as that event might suggest.

On top of these updates, the patch has begun a new 5v5 tournament running on the Duvala server this week with rewards for fighters, viewers, and winners; a change to loot rules on the map that now makes the outer areas a non-loot zone; a new siege camp; and updates to the ranking and achievement windows among other things. The patch notes go into the expected granular detail while a video just below summarizes what’s new.

sources: press release, Steam
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