Zenith launches a festive winter event full of snowball fights, toys, challenges, and new pets this week


Care to spend some of your holiday season time in VR? That’s what’s will be on offer in the newest minor patch to VR MMORPG Zenith as it prepares to release a new Winter Festival event that lets players enjoy some seasonally appropriate good times and get some rewards along the way.

The Winter Festival will bring thematic agent rank challenges for players to complete and a new event boss to summon and fight, all in the service of getting winter coins that can be spent on a new cosmetic headpiece, improved recipes, and a Frosted Stripetail pet. Players can also use this currency to purchase new toys that let them do things like hand out mystery presents to others, engage in a snowball fight, or build a snowfriend.

In addition to the new event, the patch will add three more new pets, ease the difficulty of some of the tutorial area encounters, add a new movement tracking option that follows a player’s hand instead of their head for smoother locomotion, and apply a few fixes among other updates. The patch is on PTR now and is expected to arrive on December 21st or 22nd, while the Winter Festival will run for three weeks after the patch goes live.

source: official site. Thanks, James!
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