Gloria Victis’ latest update introduces a new feudal system for guild territory


Gloria Victis, surely in the running for “most underrated” MMO by now, has just pushed out a new season and a packed new update, with a new feudal system for RvRvR, new guild events, and an expansion to castle management, as well as tweaks to repairing, combat, AI, and loot.

“We are bringing you a new feature that is letting the guilds own a national location and get profits and discounts from owning it,” Black Eye Games says. “The owner of a given location is determined by the Fief points that the guild is getting from defending a given location and from caring.”

“The captured location will be assigned to the nation that captured it, and Fief Points will determine the owner of that location. What does that mean? A guild that works around a location generates Fief Points which accumulate as guild members actively participate in various activities at the location. Fighting with enemies and defeating them, building structures, supplying the Bastion with resources, doing quests and events in the area, or crafting in that location all generate Fief Points. The location window card on the map will display tabel of location challengers – guilds competing for location.”

The full patch notes for the duly named Season of Feudal Lords are over on Steam.

Source: Steam, press release
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