Gloria Victis recaps Season of the Wolves, previews feature plans


Have you fought the wolf man in Gloria Victis yet? Did you not realize there’s a wolf man waiting to be fought? Then you will probably appreciate a summary video that condenses the sandbox MMORPG’s latest Season of the Wolves patch content into a bunch of moving pictures.

This video looks through the latest patch content, including the guild boss fight against a werewolf, the addition of siege mode to Valley of Death, a graphics overhaul, the addition of quest boards for crafting, and some of the new collections on offer. Basically, if you prefer video previews instead of patch notes, the footage below has you covered.

If you have been fighting the werewolf, the video has some updates for you too, as it looks ahead to some of the features that are currently in development, which include more challenging PvE content, the ability to carry more than just rocks (like pots of hot oil, flags, or trade goods), and the introduction of more siege mechanics to the open world such as destructible buildings.

sources: press release, YouTube
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