Lost Ark previews Ebony Cube, the evolution of boss rush wave dungeons


As the May 10th patch approaches for Lost Ark, the Amazon team responsible for rolling it out is deep-diving some of its content as promised – specifically, today, Ebony Cube. Ebony Cube was characterized in the roadmap as a new activity that “consolidates Boss Rush and Cube and replaces them,” but that’s about all we knew – until now.

The new content will essentially pit players against waves of enemies in exchange for rewards, but the team aims to reduce the feel of grind.

“As Ebony Cube will replace the existing Cube & Boss Rush activities, we wanted to provide two weeks’ notice so you can figure out the best plan for your tickets,” the studio says. “Ebony Cube entrance ticket drop rates will be the same as the old Boss Rush entrance tickets. Titles earned from old Cube & Boss Rush activities will remain obtainable from Ebony Cube. Existing tickets in your inventory will be unusable when the update drops, so you can choose to use them ahead of time or convert them into Silver or Entrance Ticket Trade Vouchers (a new item that lets you select the level of Ebony Cube best suited to your Item Level), after the update drops.”

Players who need to tinker with their tickets should get on it; there’s a whole run-down of values on the official site.

Source: Lost Ark
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