Zenith’s Skyward Summit update will introduce new active harvesting and crafting features


Players of the VR MMORPG Zenith have been seeing plenty of sneak peeks out of the game’s upcoming (yet still undated) Skyward Summit update, from multiple peeks at the Cyber Ninja class to PvP to housing. Now they’ve learned of another new addition: active resource gathering and crafting.

This newest video provides a look at some new hands-on harvesting gameplay and some updates to the crafting system, both of which will require the real swinging of harvesting tools and crafting tools at things.

In all cases, some precision appears to be key, as players will need to hit highlighted targets with their tools, while the familiar crafting bench now sees armor creation become much more active as players will follow prompts to feed materials into an item and strike a certain spot with a hammer to make gear. You can see just what this looks like in the video below.

source: YouTube
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